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[archive] ONTD Original: 7 Asian celebs that look like celebs ONTD know

People are always comparing celebs to each other, saying so-and-so looks like so-and-so. Let's put it to the test ONTD.
Here are 7 celebrities from Korea, Japan, and India who all have been compared to the very celebs we post about.
Can you spot what celebs resemble who?

1. Vernon from K-pop group Seventeen:

[Looks like...]
Leonardo Dicaprio! Before he got all disgusting

2. Bollywood actress Esha Gupta:

[Looks like...]
Angelina Jolie!

3. Japanese comedian Takahashi Shigeo:

[Looks like...]
Mark Zuckerberg!

4. Japanese actress and singer Tsuchiya Anna:

[Looks like...]
Christina Ricci!

5. Hindi film actress Parineeti Chopra

[Looks like...]
Hayden Panettiere!

6. Korean actress Lee Yong-Nyeo

[Looks like...]
Benedict Cumberbatch! Poor lady

7. Indian actor and producer Jeetendra

[Looks like...]
Charlie Sheen!

Source: Google images and my detective skills

ontd, how many can you see?

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