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[archive] ONTD Original: 5 celebrities that pissed themselves

Everyone knows ONTD loves piss, but what about our idols? Turns out some of them share our obsession:

1. Fergie

With the most infamous pissing incident in celeb history, Fergie might as well be called the Piss Queen. Arriving late to her 2005 Black Eyed Peas concert in San Diego, she reportedly had no time for a bathroom break. Hopping up and down, eventually her downstairs lair released its gold all over her pants. Initially, she tried to claim it was sweat, but in 2007, she admitted it was the yellow snake all along.

2. Gerard Depardieu

The French may say "oui oui," but this French actor went "wee wee." Get it? He pissed himself. According to airline CityJet, in 2011, Depardieu was drunk and tried to tell them he needed to make a rainbow, but unfortunately, the plane was taking off, during which passengers must remain seated. He stood up and pissed himself right there.

3. Paris Hilton

(Picture unrelated)
That's right. She's not just piss-blonde; she's piss-crazy! A Hawaiian taxi driver claimed in the National Enquirer that the socialite was drunk and spread her influence all over his seats. He wiped it up with a towel that he said was evidence her friends were trying to buy off him. Her spokespeople say the story is false, but who really knows?

4. Lea Michele

Scheduled to perform with the Glee cast at Obama's 2013 inauguration, Lea Michele apparently got a case of the nerves. She asked her friend Jonathan Groff beforehand to help calm her. Unfortunately, she got a bit too relaxed, as she peed herself laughing at his jokes. It was apparently so bad, they had to change the bedding she was on. What does she have against waterbeds though?

5. Hugh Jackman

On Rachael Ray, Hugh Jackman admitted to peeing himself when he was playing Gaston in the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast. He supposedly was dehydrated and, in an effort to combat this, consumed massive amounts of liquids. However, the liquids ended up consuming him and his trousers on stage, just as he was holding Belle up.

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ontd, what are your favorite piss memories?
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